Emmanuel, the 15-year old protagonist of this film, begins receiving a series of disturbing visions forcing him to confront the fears he has about his identity. He begins to search for the truth while carefully navigating within the shadow of his mother’s shame. In his pursuit of answers, he encounters a man who like him, has a past that haunts him. A now grown child soldier, Ndazi, begins to open Emmanuel’s mind to the many possibilities in life as well as show him that he can shed his mothers burden easier than he thinks. As Emmanuel begins to embrace both the reality of his circumstances and his ability to choose his own path, he sees that many around him suffer in silence from the same thing. This unity begins to cultivate a strength in him that enables him to surrender to forgiveness.

Why this film


It’s been 25 years since one of the 20 most horrific acts in history morphed the world, the Rwandan Genocide. Over 1 Million Rwandans killed; an estimated 250,000 women raped, and 20,000 children born out of these violations. Rwanda is so rich with culture and spirit. While there have been documentaries about the genocide, this film will be an 80 minutes narrative feature that captures the emotional and spiritual burden of the post genocide youth. The intention is to create a film illustrating the infectious spirit of the youth. The authenticity of the film is rooted in its all Rwandan cast. The music will also be authentic, created by Rwandan musicians to add to the true emotion of the people and the impact of these events.

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Working Title: Ishema

Genre: Narrative Feature

Runtime: 80 min approx. 

Casting:  Rwandan cast

Languages: Kinyarwandan, English, French

Release Target: Completion August 2021, Film Festival premiere Fall 2021

Estimated Post Budget: $100K 

Fiscal sponsor:  From the Heart Productions (all contributions tax-deductible)

Status: Post Production