S-hekh Shem Hetep Ebron,
Based in Los Angeles, California, USA

S-hekh Shem Hetep Ebron is a freelance director from New York City, who believes in the transformative power of storytelling. Born to two dynamic hippie parents, a Trinidadian mother and an American father from the south who met at a black panther rally in the ’80s. Having spent most of her childhood in Trinidad, her humble beginnings have informed her creative approach and belief in the transformative power of storytelling. She started her career as a journalist, which allowed her to live in Paris and travel to over 38 countries.

S-hekh Shem has produced documentaries for Sony Music and Moguldom studios. In 2017, she made her directing debut at the LA film festival with her short film "I, Too, Am America." She has also directed music videos for countless independent artists including Grammy-nominated artist Ruby Friedman.

Frequent service mission trips to Rwanda allowed S-hehk Shem to bond and fall in love with the children in Gisenyi. Motivated by their tenacity and hope, she decided to team up with her sister to create a charity called “TATFOR,” in efforts of providing school supplies and educational workshops to the unserved communities in Gisenyi. They assembled a group to help collect essentials for hundreds of children, in hopes of supporting and uplifting the students.

Ultimately, inspiring her to share the story about the children of Gisenyi with the world. In 2020, she directed her first feature "Ishema" inspired by the impact of the Rwandan genocide. The film is currently in post-production.

Most recently, she directed the comedy series "Jack and Jill" currently streaming on Black Oak TV. S-hekh Shem continues to use filmmaking and storytelling to inspire social change while transfiguring the fabric of modern films.

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