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Tv & Film
Management: Kronicle Media
Agent: Kaplan Stahler
S-hekh Shem Hetep Ebron,
Based in Los Angeles, California, USA

S-hekh Shem Hetep Ebron is a freelance director hailing from Brooklyn, NY, who deeply believes in the transformative power of storytelling. S-hekh Shem started her career in journalism, allowing her to live in Paris and travel to over 38 countries. S-hekh Shem met people from all walks of life who inspired her ensuing work. In 2014 she relocated to Los Angeles and began working as a Production Supervisor for several years, managing commercial production budgets of 2 million and over and working with high-profile celebrities like Lebron James, Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Samuel L Jackson, Magic Johnson, and many more. 

In 2015, S-hekh Shem along with her sister, Nzinga Ebron organized yearly service trips to Gisenyi, Rwanda to administer teacher workshops and provide school supplies for over 200 underserved students at the Ruben Primary School. This experience ignited her passion for filmmaking and in 2019, she directed her first feature film, Ishema, inspired by the Rwandan genocide. This film was entirely shot and cast in Rwanda. The following year, S-hekh Shem partnered with Oscar winner Casey Affleck and director Annika Virdone to create Stories From Tomorrow, a social media fundraising initiative to ensure children worldwide have access to food and remote learning tools. 

In 2022 S-hekh Shem was the shadowing director on the new Apple series “Lady in the lake” under Alma Har’el. S-hekh Shem has directed music videos for Grammy-nominated artists. Recently, her short film "I, Too, Am America," was selected for the 2021 Cannes short film corner, Hollywood Blvd Film Festival, Two Short Nights Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Greensboro Dance Film Festival Shockfest Film festival and won best short film at the Cinema Femme short film festival. Her short film Delilah won best short film at the 2021 Romance and Relationship film festival. Her most recent accolade includes winning best director at the Cannes International Film Festival for her feature "Ishema." S-hekh Shem continues to use filmmaking and storytelling to inspire social change while transfiguring the fabric of modern films.

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